Open iTerm Here

I've been using iTerm for over a year now. I like it over Terminal for a few reasons, but primarily because it supports multiple frames. This makes my workflow easier as I can see everything on a single screen and can easily navigate from one frame to the other without reaching for the mouse. I've additionally abandoned MacVim for Vim. Now, I can do most everything I need in a single, maximized, iTerm window. But I get annoyed with opening iTerm and having to navigate to the directory of my current desire. Most of the time, I am already browsing the desired directory in Finder as I begin a hacking session.

What is a guy to do?

Telling the complete story

Decomposing the story format

Working with several clients, I see differing story formats. The format I see most recommended is "As a, I want, So that".  The format I see most utilized is "I want". Isn't this the important part of the story anyway?

I think not. Let's look at the three components: As a, I want, and So that.

Pairing is Conversation

I really enjoy pair programming. It seems a natural process to me and I often wonder why it is that I like it so when others may not. Clearly, we have differing tastes and styles. I am sure that contributes to the joy (or lack thereof).

I've been watching others pair lately. And there is something I've noticed; pairing done well is conversation.