One week of this positivember crap

You know, this wasn't as easy as I thought it would be - this whole being positive thing. I made it really hard on myself at first. If I faltered, if I had a negative thought or got frustrated, I got down on myself for not doing better. After about 36 hours of that, I realized that getting down on myself was certainly not in the spirit of positivember. I realized that it was not a lack of negativity that I needed to focus on, rather an increase in positivity. Not happy fluffy bunny stuff with cotton candy and unicorns and rainbows. Although unicorns are cool. But just looking for the good in others, the positive of the moment, or how I could do something to make the day of another a little better.

So I decided to allow myself to get down or grumpy or frustrated, but only for a moment. And rather than admonish myself for having done so, I'd make an effort to counter the negativity and then surpass it. After about 36 hours of that, I realized I wasn't feeling negative nearly as often. I was actually feeling pretty positive.

I also decided to learn something new every day in November. It doesn't have to be huge, but I do have to make an active effort to achieve it. If I happen to pick something up along the way (which I often do), that doesn't count. And in the last week, I've learned a bit more about vim, I've taken another look at closures in javascript, and I've worked my way deeper into the clojure koans.

I know it is only day seven, but November is shaping up nicely.

Honestly, I see no reason to limit myself to just one month. Maybe I'll try to keep the streak going until the end of the year.

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