Running Developers Unite!

I started a group on Daily Mile. Make sure to sign up!

This is a quick post to get things started. I will get a more formal site up and running in due time.

There are a lot of developers out there who run, have recently taken up running, or are thinking about it.

I thought it would be cool to get a group of running geeks together. Nothing too formal, just a "club" for us running developers. We can get events together like Chad Fowler's RuyConf 5k. We can share stories. And we can help to keep each other motivated and informed.

I am currently looking for a fitting name for the club.

Leave a comment indicating your interest. If you have name suggestions, include them in the comment.

Alternatively, you can send a message to michael [at] with "Running Developer" in the title.


  1. I run 2miles every morning, originally for my dog's benefit, now for mine. Awesome that physical fitness is seeing serious interest in the software community.


  2. Seems I could use some motivation / peer pressure/support... I only end up running once a week usually.

  3. Mile Compilers/ Miling Compilers