How do you deal with people who don't get it?

This is just a quick vent to help me get it off my chest.

We discovered a fairly significant bug in a production Web application earlier this week. At the time, the bug was being reported as isolated to one page in the application. I reported seeing email that implied the issue existed in other areas of the application, but was informed by a key participant that I was mistaken and confused.

In a team meeting to discuss our plan, we agreed we would take two steps; fix the known issue and assess the application for any other occurrences. I gave an estimate of one day to fix the existing issue and two more days to assess the entire application. As a result, we had no definitive estimate of remediation. We clearly needed to take the time necessary to simply assess the scope. One day to correct the known, two days to assess the rest, unknown requirement complete the corrections (if more were needed). Three days until we knew the impact.

A teammate and I stayed late into the evening looking into the reported issue and running various test scenarios to see if we could identify the root cause. We not only identified the root cause, but determined the fix required. By the way, the page that I referenced earlier and was told I was confused about is the page we discovered the error on and used for our resolution testing. But being called confused by key participants who have no real concept of what is going on is another rant.

The next day, the team met again and I provided a summary of our findings. I informed the team that the problem was not isolated to a single page and was, in fact, systemic. The entire application would need to be changed. I assured the team we would continue with the plan to fix the previously known page in one day and we felt we could remedy the entire thing in four days.

I was beaming - we went from three days to assess and reconvene to four days for complete resolution. This was clearly good news.

"But yesterday you said three days and now it is four?" was the response from the key participant.

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  1. One would hope that Darwin's theories would hold true and such people, being obviously not the fittest, would not survive. Unfortunately, there are a number of companies that stay in business in spite of themselves, with such induhviduals actually thriving and being held up as an example to all. Take a tip from Dorothy & Toto - figure out a way to have a house land on top of them. Short of that, keep your head up knowing that you will eventually be able to move on to greener pastures, while those that "don't get it" are doomed to remain where they are, lest the world know how worthless they actually are.