The Handler - are you serious?

I subscribe the BNET Alerts; interesting and often useful tips and tidbits about small business and general survival in the workplace. Although I don't read it as often as I'd like, I enjoy the email periodical.

But today, they sent me a "tip" I found absolutely ridiculous:

Protect Yourself from Germs with The Handler

This has got to be a joke!

Have we really become this germophobic? Germ avoidance at this level does not help you stay healthier. It weakens your natural defense mechanisms and makes you that much more succeptable to the very thing you were trying so hard to avoid.

Go ahead and "open a door, push a button, lift or lower a toilet seat, scratch your bum, and so on." As far as I'm concerned, the only item on the list you should consider using it for is scratching your bum. And have you looked at this thing? It's a hook. I'd avoid the bum area....

Suck it up. Be a human (hu-person) and get a few germs on you now and then. You'll survive. You'll even thrive.

Surf the product site. I warn you the introduction music may not be your taste and may get you busted at work. They tell us there is a researcher who is "better known in the science world as 'Dr. Germ'." I find that hard to believe. But I am also poorly educated on the germ fighting affects of Silver Nano Particles....

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